The Active Hope Group at First United Church
holds meetings monthly to support each other
in engaging in environmental and social justice actions
within our own lives and within the larger community,
both as individuals and as a group.

Our goal is to work together to keep making gradual and
do-able shifts toward a life-sustaining society.
If this sparks your curiosity, please join us.

Please see below for a few web pages,
we have selected that provide practical tips
about gardening in Saskatchewan and may give you some ideas!

10 easy vegetables to grow in Saskatchewan if you are a beginner gardener:

Advice from the U of S about growing a no-till vegetable garden:

The experience of one family that replaced their front lawn with a vegetable garden:

And if you (like Alanna) already have plants growing outside
that you need to protect from the forecasted overnight freezing temperatures,
here is how you can do it:

With gratitude,

Active Hope Group
First United Church

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