We, at First United Church,
are called by the spirit
to be a caring community of faith
actively pursuing
spiritual growth and
compassionate outreach.

Our core values at the First United Church are:

Social Justice


                                                                             Affirming Vision Statement
We, the congregation of First United Church, declare publicly our commitment to creating a community that welcomes and values all people –
people of all ages, abilities, genders, racial identities, sexual orientations, gender identities, family configurations, cultural backgrounds, and economic circumstances, and

people who have had any other experiences that have led to exclusion, marginalization, or oppression within church or society.

We invite and honour the participation of all in every aspect of church life.

We acknowledge the challenges diversity brings and embrace them fully because we also celebrate the richness of its gifts. We pray for God’s grace to guide us as we work for equity and justice for all persons in both church and society.

Guided by the Spirit, we:

Embrace all forms of human diversity;

Explore new paths to being a Christian community in today’s world;

Engage in a variety of ways of experiencing God;

Strive to be compassionate and caring;

Reach out locally and globally to enhance the lives of all.

In Wisdom, this is our journey.

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