Easter Letter 2018

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March 14, 2017

Dear Friends,

As I’m writing this letter, I can look outside and see snow on the ground and ice on the
sidewalks – sure signs of winter – and yet I know that many of you are already planning and
preparing for the growing season. Whether you are gardeners or farmers (or both), crops
have been selected, seeds purchased, and equipment checked. Some of you may already
have seeds in the earth as you attempt to get a head start on Saskatchewan’s short summer.

Despite the view from my window, like you, I have faith that spring is on its way and that
longer, warmer days will soon bring new life to this frozen earth. As rural people we have all
experienced the yearly cycle of life and know the greening that comes with spring. And as
Christians we believe in the promise of new life in Christ, the promise of forgiveness and
healing that are possible when we open our hearts to the “warming” power of the Holy Spirit,
the Essence of Love.

At First United Church we strive to create a place where seeds of new life are planted, young
seedlings are nurtured, mature plants are allowed to flourish, and death is recognized as an
important part of the cycle of life. Our staff and volunteers are busy creating that fertile place
through activities such as:

* starting a new Sunday morning nursery class for toddlers;
* offering Vacation Bible School on PD days;
* facilitating a Book Study on Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection;
* continuing to share our building with community groups such Scouts and AA; and
* raising money for our local Chaplaincy Program.

Enclosed with this letter is an Easter offering envelope. Please consider celebrating this
season of new life with a special monetary gift. Your Easter offering will help us provide
opportunities for growth and healing to people in our community and around the world.
Thanks for the many ways that you support the ministry of First United Church.